Infectious Disease and Immunology

Our multidisciplinary research activities in infectious diseases and immunology range from global and local epidemiologic studies, to analysis of microbial communities and evolution, bacterial and viral pathogenesis, and vaccine development, testing, and safety issues. Specific areas of study include:

  • vaccine development and adherence
  • molecular biology of paramyxoviruses, viral entry, prevention of viral infection
  • novel strategies for inhibiting viral infection
  • immunology of tolerance in organ transplantation
  • immunologic approaches to reducing asthma
  • infection control and monitoring in the hospital and community
  • susceptibility to infection in neonates
  • identifying and treating immunodeficiences
  • pathogenesis of bacterial infections of the lung
  • microbiologic complications of cystic fibrosis
  • the use of technologies including text messaging as surveillance tools to track acute respiratory illness and promote vaccination