Cancer and Blood Disorders

Our research in cancer and blood disorders spans the spectrum from basic, translational, to clinical research. Our overarching goal is to understand and ultimately develop more effective means of treating pediatric hematologic disorders and malignancies. Our researchers work collaboratively across divisions and departments on programs relating to:

  • pediatric brain cancers and more effective treatment strategies for them
  • the genetics and epigenetic underpinnings of a variety of malignancies
  • immunotherapeutic approaches for leukemia and lymphoma
  • novel cancer systems biology approaches to identify new treatments for solid tumors
  • the safety and efficacy of novel anticancer agents through our Developmental Therapeutics Program
  • expanding the uses and effectiveness of bone marrow transplantation
  • new approaches to treat sickle cell disease and its complications
  • precision medicine through our PIPseq program
  • psychosocial support and survivor wellness
  • the late effects of cancer treatment and targeted interventions to improve survivor's cognitive, academic, and emotional functioning