Our Mission & Vision

In 2023 we re-evaluated and re-committed to an updated vision and mission that reflected our collective ambitions for the future of Columbia pediatrics. They may look like simple statements, and might even seem obvious to anyone working with us on a day-to-day basis. But they’re much more than that. Our mission and vision set the foundation for the achievements of our future, and for the impact we’ll make on behalf of the children in our community and in our care.

Our vision is the future we work each day to create. And our mission is the plan we’ll look to as we execute each day with passion and focus. We think of our mission as a strong and sturdy bridge that will guide us, help us rise above the challenges we face, and lead us to a future beyond the horizon. It’s here to help keep us on our path forward, providing the best possible future for all of the children we serve.

A Mission is A Bridge - Columbia Department of Pediatrics


Guided by equity, excellence, and kindness, we positively impact the health and well-being of children and community through innovation, advocacy, learning, and care.


Transform the field of pediatrics to create the best possible future for children.