Mission and Leadership

Program Vision and Mission

Vision: To provide each resident with life-long skills and perspectives that will enable them to become leaders in the care of children and families.    

Mission: To prepare pediatric residents in a holistic approach to find their voices as clinicians, researchers, advocates, and educators. Our training is grounded in experience-based learning that is learner-centered and learner-driven, and that supports both professional and personal growth.


  • We embrace the growth mindset.
  • We develop, harness, and amplify each person’s voice.
  • We believe in listening.
  • Residents are active participants and co-creators of the learning process.
  • Diversity, inclusion, equity, and justice are vital to our learning, our work, and to providing the best patient care.
  • Patient-centered care drives our learning.
  • We believe in connectedness and community.

Our guiding principles for our residents and pediatric community are humility, adaptability, accountability, integrity, kindness, and hard work

Program Leadership


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