Midwinter Workshop

The Midwinter Workshop encourages interpersonal and leadership growth. This annual workshop is open to all pediatric faculty. Multiple session times are offered so faculty can attend based on their schedules. View our calendar for upcoming workshop sessions and registration information.

Past Workshops


Best Practices for Science Communication and Putting Science into Action
Genna Reed, MA, Lead Science & Policy Analyst, Center for Science and Democracy


Critical Care for Pediatric Providers: Wellbeing Strategies to Reduce Stress, Increase Resilience,
and Avoid Burnout 

Tambre Leighn, MA, PCC, CPDS, Certified Professional Coach, Behavior Change Expert


Tools for True Grit in Academic Medicine
Patrick O. Smith, PhD, Dean of Faculty Affairs, University of Mississippi Medical Center


Taking a Breath Across the Day: Managing Change and Stress
Lynne A. Sturm, PhD, HSPP; Assistant Professor, Department of Pediatrics,
Indiana University School of Medicine


Mentoring in the Applied Health Care Track: Establishing Evaluative Evidence
Susan L. Rosenthal, PhD, Professor of Medical Psychology,
Columbia University Irving Medical Center
Lisa Saiman, MD, MPH, Professor of Pediatrics, Columbia University Irving Medical Center


Expand Your Leadership by Tapping into the Inner Genius of Others
R. Kevin Grigsby, DSW, Senior Director, Member Organizational Development,
Association of American Medical Colleges


Finding the Green in Brown Academic Grass
Maureen M. Black, PhD, John A Scholl, MD, and Mary Louise Scholl, MD, Endowed Professor, Department of Pediatrics and Department of Epidemiology and Public Health,
University of Maryland School of Medicine


Swimming Upstream: Managing the Challenges of a Career in Academic Medicine
Terry Stancin, PhD, Professor of Pediatrics and Psychiatry, Case Western Reserve University


Internal Conversations: How They Maintain Our Stress and Disrupt Our Relationships
M. Casey Jacob, PhD, Senior Associate Dean for Faculty Affairs,
University of Connecticut School of Medicine


Communication Skills for the Negotiator
Catherine Morrison, JD, Associate Professor, Department of Health Policy and Management,
Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health


Leading with Accountability
Teresa Edmondson, MEd, Founder, Edmondson Consulting Group