Individual Meetings and Small Group Events

Individual Meetings

Dr. Rosenthal is available to meet with faculty to discuss topics including general career development, personnel/interpersonal challenges, and project implementation. To schedule a time to meet, you may email Caitlin Gamble at

Dr. Saiman is available to meet with faculty to discuss promotion and assembling a dossier. To schedule a time to meet, you may email Emily Grohs at

Small Group Events

Small group events geared toward particular audiences are held throughout the year to support career growth and satisfaction.

Lunch with the Chair

The purpose of the Lunch with the Chair program is to give faculty an opportunity to interact with the department chair and faculty from other divisions in an informal setting.

Rising Researcher Group

The Rising Researcher Group meets for lunch with the chair twice a year. Rising researchers are those on the investigator or tenure track who have not yet received an R01 or equivalent. Please email Caitlin Gamble at to receive meeting invitations.

Junior Investigator Meeting

Junior Investigator Meetings are generally held once a month. To receive meeting invitations, please email Patricia Feeney at

Update on the Tenure Process: Things You Need to Know to Make a Tenure Bid

At this annual event, Drs. Orange, Saiman, and Rosenthal, and members of the Interim Tenure Review Committee share updates on the tenure process. Attendees should expect to learn about criteria for making a tenure bid in the future. View our calendar for date, location, and registration information.