Annual Faculty Review

The annual faculty review will open by November 30, 2019. An email with the link will be sent once available. You can log in with your university UNI and password.

2019 Review

  • Period Covered: January 1, 2019 - December 31, 2019
  • April 1, 2020: Division directors are to have completed reviews for all faculty in their division
  • July 2020: Process closes for 2019 review

All faculty and officers of instruction must sign the professionalism charter, regardless of whether you need to the complete the entire review form. If you are only signing the professionalism charter, please select your response in "Status," then “Save,” and then click “Submit” on the top right of the form.

If you are new, please email with your division after creating your review to ensure that your review appears in the correct division.

Completing the Faculty Review Online

  • The website works best on Chrome, Firefox, and Safari versus Internet Explorer.
  • If you are working from home, you must connect through the Virtual Private Network (VPN). If you have not already set up the VPN, visit the Columbia University Irving Medical Center Information Technology website for instructions.
  • The site does not work on NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital computers.
  • When entering your information, such as publications, please be sure to enter ONE PER BOX.
  • Make sure to save frequently by clicking the “Save” button (located at top and bottom of page). Data that has not been saved will be lost when you navigate to another page.
  • Committees and goals from last year will autopopulate. Other information must be re-entered. You may have last year’s review and this year’s open at the same time on different tabs if you’d like to copy and paste information.
  • After division director comments are submitted, faculty should log in and click "Submit” so to acknowledge the review. Faculty are encouraged to enter a response under “Faculty Response” on the “Overall Evaluation and Response” page.

Reminders for Division Directors

Your review and your completed faculty reviews must be submitted by April 1, 2020. You should set an internal deadline for your division members based on your schedule and the size of your division so that you can meet the April 1 deadline.


Please contact Caitlin Gamble at or 212-305-8079.