Dedicated Infant Cardiac Unit

Our Infant Cardiac Intensive Care Unit, a state-of-the-art unit dedicated solely to infant cardiac care (0-3 months), is the first of its kind facility in the US. This specialized unit is staffed by a highly skilled team of neonatal intensivists, pediatric cardiac surgeons, pediatric cardiologists, neonatal cardiac nurses, neonatal and pediatric nurse practitioners, and other ancillary medical providers. We believe this highly specialized care model provides the best outcomes for newborns with congenital heart disease, particularly those born prematurely or with multiple anomalies. We have the lowest mortality rate in New York State for pediatric heart surgery, and one of the lowest in the nation. Cumulative survival for approximately 500 infants requiring heart surgery from 2013-2016 was more than 92 percent, and better than the Society of Thoracic Surgeons benchmark mortality in most difficult patient categories.