To support CDHR’s mission of fostering the design, operationalization, implementation, and evaluation of digital health research, the Center provides the following key services: consultation and collaboration on new research, guidance for evaluation and implementation of digital health tools, and hands-on training for researchers.

Consultation and Collaboration on Research

We support new research by offering consultative services for the development of grant ideas and program evaluations with a focus on children’s digital health. We also collaborate on new research, developing and operationalizing aims and submitting new grant proposals.

If you are interested in meeting with a member of our team: email us at

Evaluation and Implementation

We offer guidance for evaluation and implementation of digital health tools in pediatric clinical care settings.


We provide hands-on training to pediatric digital health researchers through consultation and collaboration. Ultimately, our goal is to establish a pipeline of researchers who will make new discoveries that amplify the field’s impact and better serve our patients.

To provide learning opportunities, we invite speakers, seasoned researchers using digital health, from Columbia and nationally to present their work on improving child and population health with the use of digital technologies.