Survivor Wellness

Center for Survivor Wellness (CSW)

The Center for Survivor Wellness is designed to provide high quality care to long-term survivors of childhood cancer. Our multidisciplinary team is here to safeguard survivors’ physical, mental, and emotional well-being for many years to come.

CSW welcomes childhood cancer survivors up to age 40, regardless of their original cancer treating institution. Patients are eligible to join CSW once they have been cancer-free for at least two years following completion of therapy, and it has been at least five years since their diagnosis. At CSW, our goal is to provide survivors and their families with the support and resources needed to successfully transition back to routine activities, and to go on to live productive and rewarding lives.

Our Approach to Care

At your first visit to our clinic, you will have a complete check-up and our clinicians will provide you with a summary report detailing your medical history, therapies received, and health problems or late effects that may be related to your cancer treatment. Each survivor will also receive a personalized follow-up program, and collection of resources to enhance and complement your health care maintenance.

Survivors will continue to have yearly follow-ups with the CSW team through their early 40s. Services provided during these clinic visits include:

  • Annual comprehensive evaluation and physical exam
  • Counseling on and coordination of surveillance studies to evaluate long-term complications
  • Referrals to sub-specialists, as needed
  • Counseling on fertility and reproduction, as needed
  • Complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) approaches to build the body’s immune defenses, reduce pain and stress, and promote a general sense of well-being
  • Consultation on exercise, diet, and nutrition to maintain a healthy lifestyle
  • An assessment of cognitive function and educational needs, with arrangements for tutoring and scholarships
  • Advice on employment resources and job training

In addition to caring for survivors, our program also provides counseling and integrative therapies for parents and siblings, and as patients move into adulthood, their spouses and children as well.

About Our Team

Our multidisciplinary team of specially trained providers works together to guarantee that survivors and their families feel well-supported in all aspects of their care. Our team consists of a dedicated physician and nurse practitioner, psychologist, neuropsychologist, research nutritionist, education liaison, integrative therapy clinicians, and social workers. All members of our team are dedicated to the health and well-being of survivors and their families.

Contact Us

For more information about the Center for Survivor Wellness, or to make an appointment please contact:

Tiffany Strohli, MS, CPNP
Nurse Practitioner​
Phone: 212-305-9770
Fax: 212-305-5848