Critical Care and Hospital Medicine

Interim Division Chief

The mission of the Division of Critical Care and Hospital Medicine is to provide exemplary evidence-based, multidisciplinary care to the most medically vulnerable children in the greater New York City area and beyond. Our division is distinctive for cutting-edge extramurally supported research and a commitment to providing the most comprehensive training available to the next generation of leaders in pediatric critical care and hospital medicine. In 2020, the division expanded, and now includes sections of the sections of Pediatric Critical Care Medicine, Pediatric Hospital Medicine, Pediatric Palliative Pare Medicine, and the Center for Host-Pathogen Interactions. These groups work together to take care of the sickest and most vulnerable patients seen in the hospital as well to lead cutting edge basic science and translational research.

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Critical Care Medicine
Hospital Medicine
Palliative Care
Center for Host-Pathogen Interaction