Stockwell Team

Location and Contact Information

617 West 168th Street
Georgian Building - Suite 115
New York, NY 10032
United States

Principal Investigator

  • Profile Headshot
    • Chief, Division of Child and Adolescent Health
    • Director, Center for Children & Digital Health Research
    • Associate Director, Pediatric Research in Office Settings (PROS) American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP)
    • Medical Director, NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital Immunization Registry, EzVac
    • Co-Director (Pediatrics): Primary Care Clinician Research Fellowship in Community Health Columbia University

The Stockwell research group focuses on theory-based translational interventions to promote vaccination among underserved children and adolescents, with an emphasis on health technology and health literacy.

Vaccinations are a cornerstone of preventive medical care. Yet fundamental problems exist in translating even highly effective vaccines into vaccination coverage levels sufficient to achieve population immunity or to realize their full prevention potential. Additionally, significant disparities in vaccination coverage exist for disadvantaged populations.

According to the theoretical framework of the Social Ecological Model, factors and barriers at several levels influence an individual’s vaccination behavior. Our research focuses on designing interventions to overcome personal, provider, and community barriers to vaccination. These include designing and demonstrating the effects of next generation vaccine reminders, developing novel mechanisms to gather low-cost, scalable, patient-centered community surveillance data for vaccine adverse events and vaccine preventable diseases, and demonstrating the importance of integrated electronic vaccination data sources on improving patient care and population health.