Moscona Lab

Location and Contact Information

701 West 168th Street
Hammer Health Sciences Building, HHSC13-02
New York, NY 10032
United States

Principal Investigator

Center for Host-Pathogen Interaction

The Moscona Lab is focused on understanding how enveloped viruses enter cells, and on using this understanding to prevent viral infection. The lab is organized around the interdisciplinary theme of virus-host interactions.

Dr. Moscona co-directs the Center for Host-Pathogen Interaction with Dr. Matteo Porotto, with the aim of fostering interdisciplinary research at the human-pathogen interface and stimulating interactions among various departments and disciplines. Projects draw from strategies and methods of molecular biology, cell biology, biophysics, computational biology, structural biology, and virology, and may use human tissue models or animal models of human disease to answer questions about viral infection. The lab conducts basic research on paramyxoviruses that cause serious and prevalent childhood diseases, and on newly emerging paramyxoviruses that affect humans. The focus is on the mechanisms of viral entry into host cells, in the intial stages of infection.

As a basic scientist and a pediatrician, Dr. Moscona focuses on ways to bring fundamental research findings to bear on health problems in children. She is dedicated to nurturing scientists and physicians at every level who share this goal. The laboratory is best known for identifying critical roles of the viral receptor binding protein in activating the viral fusion process during infection. Identifying the mechanism of fusion activation has led to promising targets for interfering with the viral entry process.

Lab Members

Center for Host-Pathogen Interaction

  • Tara Marcink, PhD

    • Postdoctoral fellow
  • Kyle Stearns

    • Graduate Student
  • Gillian Zipursky

    • Post-baccalaureate Research Assistant
  • Francesca Bovier, PhD

    • Postdoctoral fellow
 (trainee of Matteo Porotto, PhD)
  • Marika Scafuro, PhD

    • Postdoctoral fellow (trainee of Matteo Porotto, PhD)
  • Anirban Das, PhD

    • Postdoctoral fellow, located in laboratory of Collaborator Chris Alabi, Cornell University, Ithaca (trainee of Matteo Porotto, PhD)
  • Ariel Kuhn, PhD

    • Postdoctoral fellow, located in laboratory of collaborator Samuel Gellman, University of Wisconsin, Madison
  • Shari Stenglein

    • Post-baccalaureate Research Assistant
  • Frances Cohen

    • Undergraduate Researcher
  • Kate Golub

    • Undergraduate Researcher
  • Mohab Idris

    • Undergraduate Researcher
  • Rachel Hanan

    • High School Researcher
  • Maayan Koenig

    • High School Researcher

Select Publications

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