Past Winners of the Steve Miller Fellowship


  • Jeremiah Douchee (VP&S 2025), “Just Care in the Justice System.”


  • Caroline Cherston (VP&S 2022), “Developing a Pilot VP&S Curriculum on Trauma-Informed Care.”
  • Todd Jones (VP&S 2022), “Post Intensive-Care Syndrome.”


  • Zach Pitkowsky (VP&S 2022), “Using a Child Life Approach with Pediatric Patients and Families.”
  • Teddy Goetz (VP&S 2021), “Professional Identify Formation.”
  • Amanda Wang (VP&S 2023), “Understanding Food Insecurity in Northern Manhattan:  A Mixed-Methods Approach.”


  • Rebekah Boyd and Angela Chang (VP&S 2022), “Interdisciplinary Refugee Partnership in Health.”
  • Rachel MacLean (VP&S 2020), “The Companion Project.”
  • Catherine Kernie (VP&S 2022), “Development of a Service-Learning Partnership between VP&S and Gigi’s Playhouse.”


  • Vibhu Krishna (VP&S 2021), “Humanizing the Body:  Life Drawing in Preclinical Education.”
  • Taylor Jacob O’Grady (VP&S 2021), “Service-Learning in the VP&S Student Run Clinics:  A Pilot.”
  • Sarah Godfrey (VP&S 2018) & Gregory Karelas (VP&S 2020), “The Public Health Commute.”


  • Stanislaw Gabryszewski (MD/PhD candidate), “Enhancing Nutrition Education in Medical School through Humanistic Approaches.”
  • Dua Hassan (VP&S 2018), “Fighting for Equality in Healthcare: Addressing Health Disparities and Implicit Bias through Medical Education.”
  • Katrina Kostro (VP&S 2020), “Meditation and Relaxation Skills Workshop for Medical Students, Patients, and Caregivers: A Shared Practice for Mindfulness, Empathy, and Mutual Healing.”
  • Dylan Marshall (VP&S 2018), “Emotional Intelligence: Fostering Relationships Essential to Making the Practice of Medicine Sustainably Meaningful, thus Preventing Medical Student Burnout.”


  • Amulya Iyer (VP&S 2017), “Exploring the Relationship between Hospitalized Patients and their Medical Students: A Qualitative Study.”
  • Subha Perni & Lauren Pollack (VP&S 2017), “Moral Distress in Caring for Older Adults during Early Clinical Training.”
  • Patrick van Nieuwenhuizen (VP&S 2017), “Democratizing Medical Education:  An Open Access Platform for Preclinical Sciences.”


  • Jemma Benson (VP&S 2018) & Christopher Clayton (VP&S 2018), “Digame Bienvenidos:  Washington Heights Pre-Orientation Program.” Ana Esteban, MD, Project Mentor
  • Erica Cao (VP&S 2018), “The Benefits of Music and Service-Learning:  An Intervention Program for Medical Students and At-Risk Youth.” Deepthiman Gowda, MD, MPH, Project Mentor


  • Erin Elbel (VP&S 2017), “Development & Piloting of an Educational Module for Medical Students in Hospital-Based Interdisciplinary Communication and Quality Improvement.” Robert V. Sideli, MD, Project Mentor
  • Jessica Calihan (VP&S 2017), “Developing a Humanistic Cross-School Training for Examining Asylum Seekers.” Michael J. Devlin, MD, Project Mentor


  • Zeena Audi (VP&S 2014), “Lang Scholar Community Ambassador Internship.” Marina Catallozzi, MD, Project Mentor
  • Hannah Roberts (VP&S 2016), “Medical Students’ Perceptions of Dementia Patients (before and after attending a non-clinical arts-centered session).” Dr. James Nobel, Project Mentor


  • Jonathan D. Hansen (VP&S 2012), “The 21stCentury Lecture Hall.” Dr. Boyd Richards, Project Mentor
  • Lily Mundy (VP&S 2015), Katherine Nash (VP&S 2015), & Michael Steinhaus (VP&S 2015), “Washington Heights Immersion Program.” Dr. Christine Krause, Project Mentor


  • Cecilia Fix (VP&S 2014), “Similarities and Differences between the Health Care System in New York and the Dominican Republic.” Dr. Delphine Taylor, Project Mentor
  • Haley Masterson (VP&S 2014), “Assessing the Effect of the VP&S Psychiatric Rotation on Student Perceptions of the Mentally Ill.” Dr. Janice Cutler, Project Mentor


  • Jon Hatoun (VP&S 2012) & Yuna Larrabee (VP&S 2011), “Ethics: Truth-Telling & the Major Clinical Year (MCY) in Medical School.” Dr. Paul Lee, Project Mentor
  • Eliza Miller (VP&S 2012), Narrative Medicine Curriculum.” Dr. Rita Charon, Project Mentor