PDIC Officers and Members

2019-2020 Officers

  • Amanda Esteves, MD, PGY3


    As a physician I feel that diversity in medicine is crucial in providing patient centered care because a more open minded and culturally sensitive staff can better meet the various needs of our diverse patient population. This council has allowed me to participate in various educational sessions both at a resident and departmental level about diversity in medicine, and has led me to build a network of residents, faculty, and staff who have similar interest in increasing the diversity of our institution. It has also given me the time and space to reflect upon my own experiences and those of my patients through a different lens. I have really seen the council grow in my short time as a resident here. 

  • Gabriela Bisono, MD, PGY3


    Since starting residency I have seen our council create a stronger presence in our institution as well as in our community, by increasing resident recruitment efforts, hosting conferences regularly, and forming community partnerships. Diversity and inclusion in our program makes us better doctors and most importantly, better advocates for the community we serve.

  • Deandra Ellis, MD, PGY2


    “Out of Many, One People” is the motto of the country where I was raised, Jamaica. This motto promotes togetherness and oneness despite differences in thoughts/beliefs/experiences. Diversity and Inclusion allow us to bridge the gap between our differences by helping us understand unique perspectives, allowing for better care for our patients and unity when working with each other. 

  • Azadeh Issapour, MD, PGY3


    Just as no patient case presentation is the same, no healthcare provider is the same. In medicine, diversity is everything. It is our duty to understand the challenges faced by people of every culture, ethnicity, socioeconomic group, sexual orientation, and gender. Not only will this allow us to better serve our patients but also to create an enjoyable and productive workspace for one another.

  • Will Patten, MD, PGY3


    I got involved with the PRDIC because I value the different perspectives and backgrounds my colleagues impart to our residency program. We all bring something special to this hospital, and I’m excited to be a part of an environment that’s fostering better relationships among its residents, patients, and communities.

  • Juan Duran, MD, PGY3

    Community Engagement

    Diversity is important to me because it helps me be a better physician. Learning from peers, who come from different walks of life, has helped me best meet the needs of the diverse population I serve. The Diversity and Inclusion Council has created a space for the sharing of ideas and voices, and enables residents to attain the full educational benefit of diversity at MSCH through inspirational Grand Rounds speakers and one-on-one mentoring. I was fortunate to interview at MSCH for residency on the day of the first annual diversity grand rounds. It inspired me to come to Columbia and now as a second year I am grateful that the program has expanded and future residency candidates and residents alike will reap the benefits.

  • Qais Karim, MD PGY3


    The PDIC aims to highlight the experiences, amplify the voices, and champion the inclusion of those who have not only been historically marginalized in society, but also in medicine. Through a focus on intersectionality, we are further able to understand the perspectives of our diversifying patient population, as well.

  • Linda Aponte-Patel, MD


  • Jacqueline Outlaw, MS

    Lead Administrator

    We are a “product of our experiences,” and many of the experiences I have had in the last five years as a member of the Pediatric Diversity and Inclusion Council have been particularly powerful, and have influenced my thinking, values, and interests. Through professional and personal immersion, my commitment to diversity and inclusion initiatives is stronger than ever. Working with people from various backgrounds and helping progress the mission of the council brings out the best in me.



Zaynah Abid, MD
Iqra Akram, MD
Monica Amoo-Achampong, MD
Gav Apfel, MD
Gabriela Bisono, MD
Margaret Christian, MD
Nick Delacruz, MD
Lisa Ditchek, MD
Deandrea Ellis, MD
Amanda Esteves, MD
Margot Hillyer, MD
Benjamin Hooe, MD
Azadeh Issapour, MD
Alex Jonokuchi, MD
Elise Kang, MD
Qais Karim, MD
Joanna Kinney, MD
Alexandra Linder, MD
Nikhil Menon, MD
Sheneiza Moore, MD
William Patten, MD
Ana Rodriguez, MD
Carol Shen, MD
Anoushka Sinha, MD
Chelsea Torres, MD
Hannah Tredway, MD
Russ Valle, MD
Sanford Williams, MD
Teddy Wohlbold, MD
Erika Yazawa, MD
MengMeng Xu, MD

Pediatric Neurology Residents 

Juan Duran, MD
Angel Maldonado-Soto MD, PhD

Pediatric Fellows

Sarah Ann Anderson, MD, PhD
Tamara Rudi-Ann Graham, MD 
Christie Gutierrez, MD
Alexis Guzman, MD
Katia Camille Hlabi, MD
Nadi Ijaz, MD
Samuel Master, DO
Francesca Okolie, DO, MPH
Neha Patel, MD
Patrice Pryce, MD
Angelica Vasquez, MD


Wanda Abreu, MD
Francis Akita, MD
Kwame Anyane-Yeboa, MD
Linda Aponte-Patel, MD, FAAP
Dominique Bailey, MD
David Bell, MD, MPH
Evelyn Berger-Jenkins, MD, MPH
Jocelyn Brown, MD
Steve Caddle, MD
Marina Catallozzi, MD, MSCE
Hetty Cunningham, MD
Katherine Ender, MD
Valerio Dorrello, MD, PhD
Cristina Fernandez, MD, MPH
Ilene Fennoy, MD
Rebecca Hough, MD, PhD
Candace Johnson, MD
Ganga Krishnamurthy, MD
Leonardo Liberman, MD
Stephanie Lovinsky-Desir, MD
Mercedes Martinez, MD
Luz Matiz-Zanoni, MD
Dodi Meyer, MD
Mara Minguez MD, MSc
Manuela Orjuela Grimm, MD, ScM
Steve Paik, MD, EdM
Taylor Sewell, MD, MBA
Danielle Taylor, MD
Alejandro Torres, MD
Diana Vargas, MD
Ileana Vargas, MD
Julie Vincent, MD
Patrick T. Wilson, MD, MPH
Jennifer Woo-Baidal, MD, MPH