Wei Shen, MD, MPH, MS

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Dr. Wei Shen is the Director of Image Analysis Lab and the Associate Director of the Body Composition Unit at the New York Obesity Nutrition Research Center. She has 12 years experience in body composition research, especially in MRI and MRS. Dr. Shen proposed the imaging adipose tissue classification (2003) and developed protocols for bone marrow (2007), intraperitoneal, extraperitoneal (2003, 2010), perimuscular and intramuscular adipose tissue (2003). Using statistical approach, Dr. Shen validated 3-D tissue volume models (2003) and identified the best single slice location (2004, 2008) and slice gap for MRI tissue quantification in adults and children (2010).Her NIH funded projects involve investigating visceral fat and health risks in children; and marrow fat with bone loss using MRI. Ongoing studies include developing regional marrow and organ fat measurement using fat fraction MRI, bone health in pregnant women, and lean tissue change during weight loss. Dr. Shen has collaborated with many investigators in applying body composition methods in areas including insulin resistance, Acromegaly, Cushing’s disease, Premature Adrenarche, Idiopathic Osteoporosis, Anorexia Nervosa, HIV infection, Spinal Muscular Atrophy and motor vehicle collision.

Academic Appointments

  • Assistant Professor of Nutrition (in Pediatrics and in the Institute of Human Nutrition)


  • Female

Credentials & Experience

Education & Training

  • MD, 1995 Beijing Medical University (China)
  • MS, 1997 Beijing Medical University (China)
  • MPH, 1998 Columbia University
  • Residency: 2000 Peking Union Medical College (Beijing, China)
  • Fellowship: 2004 St. Luke's-Roosevelt Hospital Center

Honors & Awards

  • The Obesity Society 2012 Best Reviewer for the journal Obesity
  • The Science Unbound Foundation 2005 Best Paper Award
  • Chair, Pennington Scientific Symposium, Adiposity in Children and Adolescents: Correlates and Clinical Consequences of Fat Stored in Specific Body Depots
  • UK Biobank Advisory Group (or steering sub-committee) for body-fat imaging
  • Keynote Speech, ‘Human imaging evidence: The relationship between marrow adipose tissue and bone’ the Ninth International Conference on Body Composition 2011
  • Keynote Speech, ‘Measuring Body Composition Update’ The 8th European Peritoneal Dialysis Meeting 2007