Past Events

2018 Events

Nuts and Bolts of Research Funding

Lawrence R. Stanberry, MD, PhD, Reuben S. Carpentier Professor and Chairman
Susan L. Rosenthal, PhD, Vice Chair for Faculty Development
Dimitra Koutsantoni, PhD, Director of Research Administration
Rosario L. Quinones, JD, Manager of Research Finance

In winter 2018, a two-part session geared toward the Rising Researcher Group was held to address key concepts of managing research funding. Topics included burn rate, creating encumbrances, ICR, and F&A.

Personnel Management for Principal Investigators

R. Kevin Grigsby, DSW, Senior Director, Member Organizational Development, Association of American Medical Colleges

March, 2018:  Principal Investigators (PIs) are highly trained scientists. They are subject matter and technical experts on aspects of scientific inquiry. Their laboratories serve as the site of their efforts. They are not alone: laboratories need highly skilled technicians and serve as the site for advanced scientific training for postdoctoral scholars and graduate students. The typical PI has not been trained in personnel management. In fact, the only experience they have with managing people comes from on-the-job experiences during their days as graduate students and postdocs. As science becomes more collaborative and the pressure to produce scholarship grows, managing people competently is crucial. Participants in this workshop will learn basic human resource and personnel management that will help them to improve the efficiency of their laboratories. Topics covered include recruiting and hiring staff, evaluating workplace performance, management of interpersonal conflict, and negotiation. Potential participants may not be aware of some of the resources that will help them to be successful. They can start by going to Lab Manager and reviewing the helpful tips related to managing a lab.

2017 Events

Quality University 201

NewYork-Presbyterian Quality University                                                       

In March 2017, the Department of Pediatrics collaborated with the NewYork-Presbyterian Quality University to provide a full-day quality training program for our faculty. The class was attended by 25 faculty representing a variety of divisions.