New York Primary Immune Disorder Consortium

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The New York Primary Immune Disorder Consortium (PIDC) brings together clinicians and scientists who care for and study primary immune deficiencies, primary immune regulation disorders, primary atopic disorders, and other inborn errors of immunity.

Our consortium was founded several years ago and has held regular regional meetings, which foster education, clinical case discussion, state of the art research, and collaboration.

As the programs of many of the individual institutions represented in the consortium have expanded, so too have opportunities to grow and reach out together. One program that has emerged from the consortium, called NY ROYAL, (New York Regional Inborn Errors of Immunity Resource Initiative League), was recently funded by the NIAID to promote multi-institutional, multidisciplinary review of regional cases of undiagnosed immune disorders, to assist in diagnoses and management. The program is designed to help interpret clinical, genetic, and immunophenotying data, assist in research-based assessment of variants of unknown significance, and in discovery of novel disorders.

Please click here to learn more about NY ROYAL and to submit cases.