Department of Pediatrics Annual Report – 2020

Faculty Development Program

Helping faculty members flourish and achieve their potential

In 2009, under the leadership of Susan L. Rosenthal, PhD, vice chair for faculty development, the Department of Pediatrics implemented a program designed to enable faculty to achieve career advancement and professional satisfaction. Over the past decade the Faculty Development Program has helped faculty flourish professionally by providing them opportunities to enhance their skills and competence and develop leadership skills consonant with individual goals and the departmental and institutional mission and strategic priorities. Our program is among a small number of comprehensive departmental programs across the country, according to a recent study in the Journal of Pediatrics.


Susan L. Rosenthal, PhD

  • Vice Chair for Faculty Development

Lisa Saiman, MD, MPH

  • Associate Vice Chair for Faculty Development

Program Events

The Faculty Development Program holds many events throughout the year. These events have broad reach across the department with well over 200 faculty attending at least one event between January 2018 and June 2020. Events during this period include:

New Faculty Welcome Meetings

New faculty meet with the vice chair for faculty development individually or in small groups in an informal setting to discuss questions they may have about faculty development.

Foundations for Building a Career in Academic Medicine Seminar Series

The seminar series, Foundations for Building a Career in Academic Medicine, provides faculty attendees with insight on developing an academic niche and on steps for planning career growth. Many of these seminars also are given to division-specific groups and fellows. In evaluating the series faculty indicated that they found the seminars helpful for their career development. Seminar descriptions can be found here.

Junior Research Faculty Events

  • Tenure track faculty
  • Lunch/dinner with the chair (yearly)
  • Tenure celebration (2019)

Investigator Track Faculty

  • Lunch/dinner with the chair (yearly)
  • All junior research faculty
    • Nuts and Bolts of Research (2018)
    • Personnel Management for Principal Investigators (2018)
    • Tenure and investigator track faculty, two-year check-ins
    • Midwinter workshop (yearly). Visit our Faculty Development section for topics and speakers from the past several years

CV Faculty Development Committee (Continuous)

The CV Faculty Development Committee is led by Lisa Saiman, MD, MPH and Susan L. Rosenthal, PhD. The committee helps faculty consider how to best present accomplishments on the curriculum vitae (CV) and personal statement.

Lunch with the Chair

Small groups are invited to lunch with the department chair for an informal discussion around a common theme.

  • Leadership Academy alumni (2018)
  • Faculty practicing at the West 86th or West 51st Street locations (2018)
  • Full professors (2019)

Columbia Women's and Children's Health Faculty Leadership Academy

The Columbia Women’s and Children’s Health Faculty Leadership Academy is an annual program offered to 10 participants from the Department of Pediatrics, the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, and the pediatric division of the Department of Psychiatry.

Participants in the program work toward:

  • Developing a leadership style that draws on personal strengths
  • Developing negotiation and conflict management skills
  • Increasing their understanding of academic health centers’ structural complexities, operational challenges, and financing
  • Understanding basics about financing within an academic health center
  • Providing peer mentoring to address challenges

Visit our Faculty Development section for more information about the Leadership Academy.

Leadership Academy Alumni Events

  • Small-group Birkman method refreshers help Leadership Academy alumni continue to develop their own personal style as leaders (yearly)
  • Leadership Academy alumni reunions (yearly)
  • Leadership 2.0 is a follow-up program launched in 2019 at the request of Leadership Academy alumni. Sessions have been given on:
    • Preventing and Addressing Workplace Performance Issues (2019)
    • Saying Yes, Saying No, Letting Go (2019)
    • Responding to COVID-19 Challenges – Using your Birkman Components to More Effectively Navigate the Chaos, the Change, and the Uncertainty (2020)

Annual Faculty Review and Promotion

The annual faculty review is a formative review. Faculty record accomplishments from the past year and goals for the coming year on an online platform and discuss their career with their division directors; 95% of department faculty completed a 2019 annual faculty review.